New Year, New…What?


It’s 2016 guys. How exciting. As I get older, I’m not as pumped about the whole “New year, new me” idea. But, I’m hoping that I can still get a little bit of energy from that and work on some resolutions. Life is about accomplishments, right? Here’s what I’m looking to do in 2016:


1.) Eat healthier – Less carbs (because I’m a bread whore), more veggies, slow down when I eat, and eat less overall.

2.) Blog Every Day – I paid $100 for this damn domain name almost 8 months ago and I have yet to utilize it. That’s gonna change.

3.) Pay off 2 student loans – Ugh. Just no.

4.) Beat 12 Games, Read 12 Books, and Watch 12 TV shows – I’ll probably blog about them here, but I joined this thing on Reddit called “12in12”, which is basically “12 games in 12 months”. It’s supposed to help you get through your backlog.

5.) Go to at least one convention and cosplay – As of right now, this is scheduled to be Aselia-con in March and I’m hoping to cosplay Alvin from Tales of Xillia. We’ll see…

6.) See a live music concert – I gotta get into a new band or something. I haven’t listened to American music since 2006….I’m so out of touch.

7.) Take more pictures – I have  very little pictures of my life because growing up, photography wasn’t that important. I want to change that now. Maybe I’ll get a Flip camera.


I think these are pretty reasonable goals for the year. Nothing too drastic and definitely doable.  I’m excited to see where this year will take me.


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