The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 2 – There’s Poison In This Here Lake!

Welcome back! Last time, our trio of heroes was teleported from the human realm to THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ (someone start a count on how many times this phrase is used) by the wizard Sullivan and upon their arrival, they learn of the evil Balam and his fear rain that is corrupting the magical denizens of Wozz. Chun, Shot, and Leona accept their new duty as heroes and set off to discover Balam’s hiding spot and put an end to his…reign…of terror (get it?). We ended the last portion of our adventure curing the magical guardian tree Maharod of his Fear Rain corruption and were instructed to head north to continue our search for Balam. Let’s boogie on to the next objective!

Leaving the Romwan Forest, we bid farewell to Maharod and Sullivan as we continue our journey north. The next location we discover is the Tower of Jikk. I couldn’t quite place what the tower was when I first arrived, but after talking to the rat-like townsfolk I quickly discovered that it was a tower made of cheese. Mmmm…sounds like a gouda time. Being foreigners, the townsfolk surround us and notice that we have some nifty equipment on us. Shot has a CD player and beeper, Chun has a laptop, and Leona has a Diver’s Watch. After fiddling with our gadgets, the townsfolk return them to us and welcome us to their village.

I had a good laugh here because the townsfolk speak like the Hypello from FFX-2 and I found it rather endearing to read their text.

Exploring the town, some citizens at the inn tell us that a Great Laboratory lies to the east of the village and a great technomancer named Madisto lives to the west. In the southeast of the village I found a cannon and the ratfolk that runs it told me he can shoot me up to the top of the tower if I wanted to try it. Sure! Fire the cannons! Unfortunately, nothing noteworthy was up here but it was fun to watch my team get blasted through the sky. I searched around some more and found a workshop for Leona to make some items, however I didn’t have enough of the prerequisites to make much of anything so I left that alone. The weapon shop had some pretty rad upgrades though, so I bought everyone new armor and weapons that gave them a serious stat upgrade to prepare for our next objective. I’ve done some light reading on the characters and found that Chun never gets to equip a weapon, as his archetype is a true mage. His attack stats are significantly lower than the rest of the party but due to the randomness of his magic right now he still has a chance to do massive damage. I guess that works?

Heading west, we found Madisto’s house and met up with him. Word of our mission has spread to this part of the land, so Madisto offered to help us but first he wants us to obtain some dinosaur DNA from the Great Laboratory. Yay sidequests! We agree to help him and before sending us off, he notices that Chun is a magic adept and teaches him his first spell: Medea! It’s a pretty simple healing spell that matches a basic potion in healing, but it grows stronger as Chun does and has a very low MP cost, so I’m not complaining. In exchange for the foreign technology we brought with us, Madisto hands us an ID Card to get into the laboratory and sends us on our way. I guess that’s a good way to offload our inventory. To the east!

In typical JRPG scientist fashion, Madisto is VERY modest about his knowledge.

A little side note – leaving the forest was kind of rough. I wasn’t expecting the enemies to do as much damage as they did and Shot died a few times since he is in the front row during battles. Nothing that some grinding and new equipment can’t fix, so I’m thankful I stocked up when I was at Jikk. We head into the laboratory and see a quick image of one of the ratfolk running through the background. Do they work here or are they intruders? Let’s find out. One thing I really like about older JRPGs is the way they develop depth in environments despite the limitations of the hardware at the time. The laboratory shows multiple levels to explore through top-down views and we get new battle environments as we explore the area. Heading deeper into the lab, we catch another glimpse of a rat person running from us. What are they doing here?

I’m not sure about her fashion choices, but Leona’s sprite work is hella cute.

Not much to find in terms of treasure here, but we do find a library that gives us some more background on the Fairy Queen. We discover that the fairy castle is called the Fortress of Illusion and it is basically impenetrable unless you find the secret path in. We also discover a new recipe for Leona: Escape Fireworks! These work like smoke bombs in other JRPGs and guarantee escape from battle. We won’t be using those, however, cause we ain’t chickens! We fight to the death! Finally, we find a book that tells us the Wind Fairy lives in the nearby Spirit Woods, so we make mental note of that before we trek onward. The only path left leads to some pipes and I thought these would be a puzzle, but all 4 pipes lead to the same place. In the next room we see the rat person run into a sealed door and have to solve a quick puzzle in order to catch up with him.

I got major Resident Evil vibes from this, but it was easy enough. Each lever raises or lowers another lever, so you have to trigger them in the right order to move on.

We infiltrate the sealed room and – Uh oh! It’s not one rat folk but a whole gang of them. They surround our heroes and inform them that they are a group of bandits working for Balam and are here to steal the “shiny thing”. You guessed it – the Dino DNA. The gang declares we must die for discovering them and our next boss fight begins. This battle was rather simple. I’m not sure if it was because of my weapon upgrades in the last city or if Chun is just growing into his power finally. He hurled a boulder at the enemy party and wiped out 4 of 5 enemies. Leona and Shot made quick work of the gang leader and the party emerged victorious! After the battle, Leona rushes ahead and snatches the Dino DNA from it’s containment tube. We exit through the back door and return to Madisto’s house to report our findings. In return for completing his task, Madisto teaches Chun two new spells: Sleep and Silence, as well as gives us a hefty chunk of change to replenish our wares. He instructs us to head north to the city of Northan (so creative, right?) and joins our party!

Yay new party members! This was unexpected, since all the artwork I saw of the game only had 3 party members.

We head north into the new area and quickly discover that Madisto is a magical powerhouse. He does not come equipped with any gear but he has access to level 1-4 individual and group healing spells, as well as status cures and ATK/DEF buffs for individual party members. The quartet now arrives in Northan and quickly learns that there are many exploration spots nearby. To the west is the Forest of Flames, where the Fire Fairy lives, and to the east is is a magic cave. We find another library here and learn through talking with the townsfolk that the fear rain originates from the eastern mountains. Each time it rains, they hear a sorrowful cry come from the mountains and suspect that the noise is coming from a whale. What is a whale doing in the mountains? Before heading to the magic cave, we read some more books and learn again that the magic of Wozz is so dangerous that 7 fairy lords have been tasked with guarding the magic and protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

We learn the name of 5 out of 7 fairy lords. If we come across them in our journey, maybe they will teach us how to use the magic if we ask nicely.

Making a quick pit stop at the workshop, we encounter a worker that lets us know there is a light barrier blocking the entrance to the magic cave. Madisto chimes in and lets us know that he invented that because too many monsters were spilling out of the cave and he felt it best to seal the cave so no one would get hurt. Good thing he’s traveling with us! We head east to the magic cave and quickly run into the light barrier. Madisto pats himself on the back again (so modest, I’m telling you!) before disabling the barrier so we can head deeper into the cave. We head down one level and Shot notices that the water in the cave has a strange color. He suggests that Madisto build a water purifer to cleanse the water, but Leona chimes in and says “That’s simple! Even I can make a water filter.” The two inventors list off some items they need to craft this filter: an Antidote, an Ion Stone, and a Crenine Pot. Where are we going to find these things? Luckily, Madisto informs us that all of these items can be found in the cave, we just need to go grab them. Sweet! The party quickly gathers the items and heads deeper into the dungeon to find a good spot to place the purifier. As we reach the bottom, we are approached by a strange creature.

Uh oh!

The creature introduces himself as Zanzori, a servant of Lord Balam. In an act of mercy, he decides to tell us the secret to the fear rain before he kills us. Why? Who knows. But Zanzori, dude…this is why you’re not higher rank. You don’t go giving out your war secrets like this! That’s like rule 1 of evildom. The townsfolk in Northan were right – a whale is trapped in the mountain and Zanzori’s poison prevents it from leaving. He tortures the whale with the poison to get it to scream and blast the tainted rain out of it’s blowhole onto nearby cities. That is what causes the fear rain. Well, we won’t stand for this! Battle ensues and we make quick work of Zanzori before heading out onto a cliff to see the whale. None of the party members speak whale, so they struggle for a bit to find a solution before Chun steps up and uses his telepathy powers to communicate with the whale. He relays the information the whale gives him to the party and Leona hastily crafts the water filter. Unsure of how to get it out to the whale, Chun uses his telekinesis to levitate it over the whale and purify the water, curing the whale of Zanzori’s poison and eliminating the threat of the fear rain. Victory! The whale is grateful and thanks us by teleporting us out of the cave. Don’t you love whale teleportation?

We return to Northan to recoup and restock. If you talk to the townsfolk after returning, their dialogue changes and they now recognize you as the heroes that stopped the fear rain and thank you for your help. This is where part 2 of our journey ends! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

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2 thoughts on “The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 2 – There’s Poison In This Here Lake!

  1. Very well written. I don’t even participate in games like this but found this interesting. You should submit this to the game creators and see if there is a job around this writing!


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