The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 3 – Grunty Granny and the Pop Star Fairy

Welcome back gamers! In our last excursion we left our heroes in Northan for a little R&R after their adventure to the Great Laboratory and subsequent battle with Zanzori, the poisonous lackey of Lord Balam. We set off again on our journey to save THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ by heading into the land of the fairies! Hopefully they give us more magic so Chun can be even more of an ESP beefy boy. Let’s boogie!

When we leave the Northan Inn, Madisto suggests we look into locating the Fairy Queen to see if she will help us in our search for Bad Boy Balam. Our team heads northwest past the Magic Cave and finds the Fairy Forest. We quickly find out that Eoria, the Wind Fairy, lives in these woods. However, in true fairy fashion, the lowly forest sprites won’t tell us where she is exactly, so we have to search for her. Much like the Romwan Forest, there are about 3 screens and they lead directly to the Wind Shrine. Easy peezy. I’ve noticed that the dungeons in this game are not overly complicated, or long, and I like that. I hate when developers make dungeons hella complicated (looking at you Star Ocean). Our team heads down into the Wind Shrine and immediately run into Eoria, who tells us that she’s heard of our accomplishments and will gladly give us the power of Wind. She teaches Chun her magic and sends us on our way, but as we leave she shyly asks us if we will help her locate her missing cats. All 7 of them. Yep – Eoria is a bona fide cat lady living in the woods. Shot immediately shoots her down, but Leona convinces him that since we are searching the world for Balam, we can look for the cats when we have time. That seems to calm him down and he agrees to her mission. Now that we have another side quest, the party heads out of the Fairy Forest and into the next town. On our way out, one of the forest sprites teaches Leona how to make WoodTank. Yay! More vehicles!

Eoria and her cats, living in the woods. She’s got some nice treasure here too but the chests are locked behind the cat side quest. We’ll make our way back here someday!

Our heroes head west and stumble into Faerun, the city of the fairies populated by demons and NOT to be confused with the Fairy Castle, which is a totally different place. Oh boy. Heading into the Inn, we find another information booth that tells us we are now on the Elemen continent, which is governed by the Fairy Queen. We’re getting closer to our goal! The information booth attendant also shares with us that to the west of Faerun is an old fortune teller that knows all the secrets of Elemen, and if we go even further west we will run into the mountain village of Chield and Mount Shin. Another one of the Faerun citizens tells us that the Fairy Castle is close by, but since the castle is hidden by magic we will need the Fairy Stick in order to use the entrance portal. No one knows where the Fairy Stick is though, so they recommend we go talk to the old fortune teller to the west and see if she can use her divination to locate it. After a quick restock, our heroes head over to the fortune teller’s hut to see if she will help us.

Yeah…we know.

We enter the hut and immediately hear some grunting before the fortune teller runs out. As we greet her, she cuts us off and tells us she already knows who we are, what we need, and where we should go so just don’t talk and listen. Okay lady. Jeez! She also tells us that she is the keeper of the Fairy Stick, which is located in her basement store house. Retrieving it won’t be a simple task, however, as the store house is locked behind divination magic and filled with monsters. The fortune teller then introduces her daughter, the dancer-esque Ceramic. Yep – she named her daughter Ceramic. Shot and Chun start drooling and get goo-goo eyes for her, and her mother tells us that she has very powerful magic and will one day lead the oracles of Wozz. But for now, she will be our guide into the store house in order to retrieve the Fairy Stick.

Before heading down into the store room, I remembered that we never stopped at the Forest of Flames to meet the fire fairy. I made a quick backtrack to the Forest and met with Faiyan, where she blessed Chun with the power of flame.

As we head back behind the curtains in the fortune teller’s hut, she reminds us that once we retrieve the Fairy Stick, the only way out is to use divination magic and solve the puzzle to open the portal out. Since Ceramic has the magic we need to get back out of the store house, Madisto decides to sit this one out and we get Ceramic to join the party. She plays as a front-line fighter much like Shot and while she doesn’t have much in the way of magic, she has a lot of status heals and a revive spell. To be honest, I can’t even remember what I had her do during battle. I just set her to auto-battle and let her keep my party healthy. We head down into the store house and battle our way through to various chests. If you look at the walls, you’ll notice grey panels scattered throughout the dungeon. Inspecting them tells us that they are depictions of various animals but at this time they serve no purpose. We grab all the loot we see and in one of the final rooms we find an ancient book that tells the story of what is currently happening in our heroes’ timeline with Balam and the fear rain.

Surprisingly, the book also mentions Chun by name. Maybe the fortune teller isn’t just grunty hocus pocus after all and she really can read the future!

We finally get our hands on the Fairy Stick and Ceramic steps forward to divine our exit path. She tells us that we have to activate three of the panels located in the halls of the store house in order to open the exit portal. I’m not sure if this is randomized per playthrough or if you get a different combination depending on which lead character you chose, but our three animals were the Turtle, Elephant, and Serpent. Our team quickly backtracks to touch all the panels and upon pressing the final one, a portal opens on the ground and we get teleported back to the fortune teller and Madisto. As we prep to leave, Ceramic tells her mother that she would like to travel with us so she can help us defeat Balam and return happiness to Wozz. Shot, in all his smoothness, welcomes ‘Miss Ceramic’ to the party, but Leona reminds everyone that her vehicles can only hold four people, so someone will have to stay behind. No problem! Remember those TELEPA phone booths we’ve found in various cities? Madisto reveals that he used that technology along with Shot’s beeper to create the “Telepa Bell”, a communication device that will allow us to swap party members at the TELEPA booths. With that, the old kook tells us that the hidden entrance to the Fairy Castle is north of Faerun at the end of the peninsula, but we’ll have to look for it. We bid them farewell and with Ceramic now in our party, we head out to find the Fairy Castle!

Mmm..sprite-based artwork is so pretty sometimes!

Our heroes find a small meadow hidden in the trees north of Faerun and use the Fairy Stick to activate the teleportal, sending our group straight to the entrance of the Fairy Castle. Before speaking the the Fairy Queen, I took some time to explore the basement. We find an item shop and an inn, as well as some treasure chests and more lore. It turns out that Faiyan (Fire Fairy) and Iceyes (Ice Fairy, also one of the unnamed magic types from before) live in the Fairy Castle, but due to the chaos strewn about by Balam, they have ventured out into the world to wait for the heroes so they can grant them the use of fairy magic. In the southwest corner of the basement we find a sassy little fairy that gives us attitude and reminds us that “if you were powerful like Master Sullivan, you wouldn’t need the Fairy Stick to get here.” Yeah…well…whatever fairy! We have Great Wizard Chun with us and he’ll be more powerful that Sullivan in no time! In a hallway to the west, we discover a flashing room with loud music pumping out of it. The fairy outside of this room tells us this is Bombaliyon’s disco and is astounded by her lack of concern, telling us despite the Fairy Queen’s orders to hide and prepare to fight Balam, Bombaliyon has decided to dance her worries away with her groupies. We head inside to ask for her blessing but…

Bombaliyon is so entranced in her music that she can’t hear us. Queue screaming to get her attention.

It turns out that our newly found fairy guardian is a pop star in the fairy world and can’t be bothered to perpare for war. Go figure. Bombaliyon finally cuts the music and gives our heroes about three seconds before she’s like “Yeah. You’re the heroes. Here, take the bomb magic and go kill Balam. I gotta dance!” You know, I can’t really blame her. Sometimes you just gotta dance. With the Fairy Castle fully explored, we head back upstairs and go meet with the Fairy Queen. As we enter her chamber, the Queen greets us as heroes but Humble Chun says “we’re not really ‘heroes'”. She reminds us that the Wozzians do not have the strength to defeat Balam, so in their eyes we are heroes, but Shot jumps forward and puts his foot in his mouth exclaiming that ‘we’re stronger than these Wozz wussies‘. This pisses off the queen’s guardian Eliza and she jumps forward to knock Shot on his ass, but Leona, the seemingly only levelheaded member of our party, steps forward and apologizes, calming everyone down. Leona asks the Fairy Queen to bless us with her magic, but the queen informs us that in preparation for the battle with Balam she has sent her fairy guardians out into Wozz to protect the magic. Since we have already met some of the fairies, the queen knows we are worthy of her blessing, so she gives us a Fairy Map with the locations of the remaining fairy guardians and instructs us to find them and receive their magic. Eliza cannot hold her anger and tells us that we are nothing without the fairy magic and this sets off Shot. They start feuding again, but Leona and the queen have had enough and tell both of them to calm the hell down. The queen apologizes for Eliza’s outburst and tells us Eliza is her daughter before asking us again to go seek out the fairy guardians and defeat Balam once and for all.

The tension between these two…but I kind of ship it. I wonder if they’ll wind up together at the end of the story. We don’t really have any romance subplots happening yet so maybe…

With our handy dandy Fairy Map in hand, we leave the castle and get immediately intercepted by Grunty Granny herself. She quickly tells us that Sullivan’s pet raven Porun came to her with a message…Sullivan has been kidnapped! Apparently he was napping in Romwan Forest when two monster thugs snatched him up. Who sleeps in a forest anyway? All that yelling at trees probably sapped his energy. Grunty Granny grunts some more and divines that he has been taken to the top of a frozen tower to the west. Well, I guess it’s time for a rescue mission! I’ll end this bit here and next time we can traverse the frozen tower to rescue Screaming Mimi himself.

Thanks for reading! See ya next time!

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