The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 4 – The Wicked Witch of the North

We’re back! Last time we met Grunty Granny the fortune teller, her daughter Pottery (jk it’s Ceramic, even better), got the Fairy Stick, found the Fairy Castle, obtained two more types of Fairy Magic, met with the Fairy Queen and her rage-filled daughter Eliza, and found out that Screaming Mimi Sullivan was kidnapped by some monsters. Whew! We did a lot last time. Since GREAT WIZARD SULLIVAN, THE ALMIGHTY WHO CANNOT BE BOTHERED WITH FAIRY MAGIC BECAUSE HE IS SO GREAT got kidnapped while he was NAPPING IN THE WOODS, let’s boogie into this next bit and save his screaming ass.

Before we head into the frozen tower to go save Sullivan, let’s do some minor housekeeping. On the way to the tower we find the snowy village Chield and go inside to refresh and restock. This area is pretty great for grinding, so I spent some time outside of the village getting my party stronger and making that cash money!  With ridiculous amounts of cash at this point, I decked out the party in some better gear and bought more potions and status heals to keep us safe in dungeons and work on Leona’s crafting. We finally got our first robovehicle – Denden. I’m not keen on this one, as it’s just a mechanical slug that can’t do much in battles and travels the world map pretty slowly…but at least we have it now and can fulfill our completionist tendencies. The townsfolk of Chield give us some local lore, telling us that a witch named Miaf has been attacking the northern lands recently. They also know the real T and remind us that Sullivan has been kidnapped. Oh yeah…I guess it’s time to go get him. Our team heads out to the north and finds the northern tower in a frozen field on the northern peninsula. Do you understand that this game wants you to go north? Because I sure do. Upon entering, we see nine frozen pools and a series of lights on the back wall of this first room in the dungeon. Time for a puzzle! There’s not much to this one – we just have to find the switch hidden in the pool that ‘contains no crab to the right of any octopus, no fish above any crab, and no octopus to the left of any fish.‘ Great.

As you can see, the pools are littered with frozen sea creatures. I just checked every single one until I found the switch…heh

Our party takes an elevator up to the next floor in the tower where we’re met with…another puzzle! This time there are quite a few levers in a room that will move bridge platforms up and down, as well as reveal hidden treasure chests. We traverse the room and snatch up all the phat loot we can find. There is one lever in the north side of the room that will drop what looks like a bed pan on Chun’s head if you pull it. My poor Magic Boy! These silly animations in older RPGs make me smile. After solving the puzzle we find a save platform, which means we’ll be heading into a boss fight soon. We heal up and save the game before taking another elevator ride up to the top of the tower. Upon exiting the elevator platform, we find Sullivan in a cage guarded by two monsters and a giant block of ice. I wonder what’s in there? The monsters introduce themselves as Darak and Fumma, Witch Miaf’s right and left hand lackeys. Darak definitely seems to be the more intelligent one, as Fumma tends to yell his name every time he talks. Maybe he’ll make a cameo in a future Pokemon game. Sullivan tries to warn us about something with the Fairy Queen, but we are interrupted when Darak destroys the block of ice, revealing a bird monster that he sends to kill us. Hehe…doesn’t he know we’re the Heroes of THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ? Queue boss fight!

JRPGs always have to have some kind of winged birdman boss fight, don’t they?

This boss wasn’t super challenging. He had a good chunk of HP and continuously paralyzed the party, but since we have Ceramic and her status heals with us, we’re gucci. Shot and Chun stayed mostly on the offensive while Ceramic and Leona threw paralyze heals around like candy at a parade. Chun’s healing magic upgraded right before this fight though, so every once in a while I had him toss a MedAngel on someone to top them off. Our heroes make quick work of bird boy and release Sullivan from his cage. Sullivan thanks the heroes but tells them they must hurry back to the Fairy Castle. This whole kidnapping was a distraction so that Witch Miaf could infiltrate the Fairy Castle and kidnap the Fairy Queen. Oh no! We’ve been had! Time to boogie back to the Fairy Castle post haste. When we reach the Fairy Castle, the door is unlocked, which does not bode well considering the tight security the fairies have maintained to keep the queen safe. Upon entering the queen’s chamber, we see Eliza battling a pink robed enemy. Ceramic gets booted from the party temporarily and we enter another boss fight with Witch Miaf.

I can’t tell if Miaf has tentacles attached to her legs or if the underside of her cloak is just flesh colored…hmm. Either way, bad choice.

For the first time so far in this game, we get a challenging boss fight. How exciting! Eliza excels at using nature magic, so I have her and Chun hurling spells while Shot spams his Powershot Waza and Leona does basic attacks. I’m a little bummed that Leona doesn’t get any cool skills and I haven’t found many items for her to use in battle. But, her interactions during narrative scenes fleshes her character out a bit more than Shot and Chun, so I still enjoy her presence in our party. What made this fight challenging is that every few turns Maif would cast a party wide explosion spell that knocked off over 600 HP from each party member. Chun’s magic has grown stronger, but he has yet to unlock any type of group healing and that lead to Eliza dying a couple times. Eliza came to battle with a multitude of spells like hurling ice sheep at the enemy or causing earthquakes, but I found that the only real useful spell was Heatbeat, a fire attack that hits all enemies. Our heroes do enough damage to Miaf that causes her to disengage from battle. She acknowledges our strength and reminds us that she is not happy that we ruined her plans before she poofs out of the castle in a puff of smoke. Eliza dismisses the help of our party, claiming that she was doing fine on her own. This damages poor Shot’s ego, so he starts yelling at her again.

These two…always fighting. The tension is real, y’all.

Leona steps in, again, taking on the caring friend role and tells Shot to let it go. Part of me hopes Leona loses it at some point and tells Shot to shove it, but I doubt that will happen. The queen apologizes for Eliza’s behavior before healing us up, and then she lets us know that Miaf used to be the ruler of this castle. But, for reasons unknown, Miaf suddenly became a witch and left to go serve Balam. Mind control? Bribery? A thirst for power? We may never know. The queen tells us that Miaf lives on a small island north of the snow region, so Chun decides that we’re going to go nip this in the bud and find her before she can pull any other stunts. At this point, Eliza decides it is her duty to see this through as well and tells us that she is joining our band of heroes. Shot objects to this, but Eliza throws her status as her mother’s defender around and tells shot she will not stand idly by while her Queen is threatened! Alright girl! We get it! Much to Shot and Chun’s chagrin, Leona hands a TELEPA Bell to Eliza, allowing her to be called as needed. Eliza gives a definitive BOOT to Ceramic and forcibly teleports her out of the party and back to the fortune teller’s hut.

The heroes just kind of accept this, but Shot insists that we replace Eliza with someone else as soon as we get back to town.

With our sassy new friend Eliza with us, we backtrack to Chield Village and rest up before heading to Mount Shin. This. Dungeon. Is. Balls. Remember how I was praising this game earlier for having simple, short dungeons? Well, I take it back. This place sucks. Mount Shin is a series of winding, twisting tunnels that have multiple exits and each exit sends you to a different location depending on which direction you exit from. Confused? Yeah – so was I. There were no noteworthy encounters or story pieces on Mount Shin. The plus side to getting lost in here is I found some awesome loot and earned a lot of cash from the battles. The most noteworthy loot was an item called Broker, which calls forth a traveling merchant that you can buy and sell items from. When you finally reach the end of this frozen hellscape, one of the demonfolk sprites shows you a secret passage back to the entrance so you don’t have to navigate the tunnels again, in case you ever need to go back. Let’s hope we don’t.

I’m not sure what these sprites are supposed to be, but to me they look like cow nuns.

As soon as we step out of Mount Shin we can see a tower on the horizon, so we head over to check it out. Welcome to Zweirael Inn! This area is a one screen, one stop shop for all your needs post-Mount Shin. Inside the lone tower on the first floor we find a kind woman that reminds us to dress warm, lest we die from the extreme cold in the area. She gives us a thick jacket and then teaches Leona how to make more. Hooray upgrades! The shop here has some nice items, so we give our inventory the ol’ refresharoni and head upstairs. The inn dwellers have juicy deets on local happenings and one of them tells us that to the east is the Ice Shrine, but no one has been able to contact the Ice Fairy because there is a large wall surrounding the shrine that no one can climb over or break through. The other tells us that to the north (literally everything in this game is ‘to the north’) is the town of Minocress. They suspect that this is the city that Miaf is attacking, as no one has heard or seen anything from the town in quite some time. It looks like our next destination is Minocress!

I’ll end this bit here as I foresee a lot of stuff happening in the next few areas. We’ll need a fresh post for that! Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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2 thoughts on “The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 4 – The Wicked Witch of the North

  1. So I love Pottery! (Ceramic). Funny stuff right there. On the last line of the first paragraph it should read “left” not let. Please fix it. 🙂 Also, see if you can get paid for this some how. You are really good at this!


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