The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 5 – Time To Send That Witch Packing!

Greetings friends! Last time in THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ, our party rescued Sullivan, then stopped a plot against the Fairy Queen, and got Eliza, the queen’s guardian, as a new party member! We also traversed the frozen hellscape known as Mount Shin in order to get closer to Witch Miaf and find out more about her involvement with Balam. Let’s boogie into tracking her down and get on to defeating Balam!

Our party currently faces two objectives: head east to the Ice Shrine and contact the Ice Fairy for their magic, and head north to the unusually quiet town of Minocress, which we suspect is under attack by Witch Miaf. We head east to check out the Ice Shrine, but quickly find out that we are out of luck, as the shrine is surrounded by a giant ice wall. The party discusses how they can breach the wall and Shot asks if Chun can break a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, this is too much for Chun’s ESP and he says that he is unable to do anything at this time. Leona chimes in and suggests the team smashes a hole in the wall with one of her tanks. None of the robovehicles we have crafted up to this point are strong enough, but Leona determines that if we had ‘a tank as strong as a mammoth‘, we’d be able to get inside. We take note of this and then backtrack to head north into Minocress.

Listen…Leona is the emotional centerpoint of the group but no one said she had any finesse. Her weapon is a bazooka for Bob’s sake.

The heroes (and Eliza…) reach Minocress and immediately find that there are no citizens around whatsoever and all the doors in the village are locked. Well, except one. What’s going on? We head into the bar and see a child take notice of us before he dashes upstairs. Following the child, our party heads upstairs and unknowingly walks into an ambush! A group of children pop out from behind the bar shouting ‘Eat this, you Balam bastards!’ and start tossing snowballs and firecrackers at the party. Quickly reaching his limits, Shot starts shouting at the kids that we don’t work for Balam, we’re trying to defeat him! One of the children asks if we are really not monsters and Leona reassures them, saying ‘When did you ever see a monster this cute?’ before tossing them a wink. These sprite animations are so cute! We find out from the gang of children that Miaf, Darak, and Fumma have taken all of their parents to a cave in the back of the village. Leona tries to calm the children by letting them know we’ll take care of everything and get their parents back, but Shot says we don’t have time for this and that we should move on. That’s when…

Leona has HAD. IT.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and other worldly creatures – it happened. Leona is done with Shot’s shit. She runs over to him and slams her fist right into his jaw, sending him flying across the room straight into a wall and knocking him out. Oh man. I’m so happy! Get him, Leona! Put him in his place! When Shot wakes up he overhears the other party members discussing their strategy to get the village parents back. He also notices that one of the children is sneaking out of the building. I’m guessing due to his arrogance (and now hurt ego), he decides this is his redeeming moment and he runs out on his own to follow the kid. Chun notices that they haven’t seen Shot in a while and right when he says something to the group, the runaway child dashes back in shouting that Shot is in trouble! Darak and Fumma caught him. Great – now we have to rescue Shot. Off to the cave!

I think Shot means well, but his cockiness is going to get him killed. First Eliza, then Leona, and now the enemy…teamwork makes the dream work, mate.

Leona, Chun, and Eliza head into the cave and quickly notice that all of the missing villagers are here. If you talk to the caged villagers, you find out that a lot of them regret not spending more time with their kids. I found that pretty touching and quite sad, so I hope we’ll be able to help free them. In the northwest corner of the holding cell room, our party finds another villager that looks rather…thick. If you talk to this NPC, you’ll find out that they are a traveling merchant and will sell you whatever they’ve got on them. Sweet! In the northeast corner you can find a devout villager that will fully heal your party before you head deeper inside the dungeon. On to the next floor, we find Darak and Fumma, as well as another large block of ice with none other than our Cocky Boy Shot inside. Maybe this will be like a cold shower for him and chill him the hell out. Darak and Fumma confidently say that we’ll be frozen with him in no time, but our trusty Magic Maestro Chun uses the power of flame to melt Shot out of his icy prison. Darak and Fumma are pissed, so they attack.

Is this a kink? It’s got to be…tentacles and metal nipple clamps? Also, is Darak someone’s grandma? That hairstyle sure says so.

This boss fight wasn’t too challenging, although the game’s difficulty has definitely been ramping up with the last few boss battles. Darak and Fumma don’t have much variety in their attacks, but much like when we fought Miaf, every few turns they would do a group wide attack for about 1/3 of our max HP. Since Eliza doesn’t have any healing spells, I had to push Chun into healer duty despite the awesome new spells he’s been learning. Darak and Fumma are very surprised at our party’s strength and decide it is best to flee and inform Miaf of our coming. You better tell her to get ready, cause we bringin’ the heat! Good ol’ Shot spouts off some cocky nonsense about how he kicked their asses, but Leona quickly checks him and reminds him that just moments ago he was frozen in a block of ice. The party takes this moment to have an earnest conversation with Shot about his attitude. Chun shows his disappointment and Eliza commends him for his courage, but also tells him he was foolish to go alone. Shot tells Eliza he doesn’t need her flattery and this causes Leona to snap again. ‘What the hell are you so proud about?!

Oh look…character growth! At least he’s willing to admit it now.

The party reconciles their differences and Leona apologizes for knocking Shot’s lights out. With their rediscovered vigor, they set off to find Witch Miaf again. We exit the prison cave and head west into the Witches’ Hall. Surely Miaf has to be here. Exploring the Witches’ Hall gives us a few useful items, but nothing noteworthy. There are statues in the northwest and northeast by the main hall entrance that will restore your HP and MP respectively. We run into Miaf hiding out in a room on the top floor and Eliza becomes enraged, asking how a fairy could join forces with a monster like Balam. She lets Miaf know the only cure for Fear Rain corruption is to be sent to the Pure Land, but Miaf doesn’t crack and instead lets the party know that they can find her if they have the courage to plunge into the flames. With some fake hospitality, she poofs away again and we’re back on our search. Down on the first floor was a large fireplace, so we head down there and walk straight into the fire, revealing a hidden path. A little fire won’t scare us away! Hell, the Forest of Flames was literally a burning forest and we made it there to meet Faiyan with no issues.

Our kink friends are back and this time, they ain’t playin’ games.

As soon as we step through the flames, Darak and Fumma greet us and immediately launch into another battle. They’re serious this time, everyone. This boss battle is identical to the last one and Miaf’s two lackeys go down easily. With this victory, Darak and Fumma are finally no more and our mission is now to take out Witch Miaf. A few narrow hallways later, we enter Miaf’s chamber and are welcomed by the witch herself. She assures us that she will take good care of us, especially Eliza since they both have connection to the fairy world. Much like the last fight with Darak and Fumma, Miaf’s strategy from her previous battle doesn’t change. The heroes make quick work of her and send her flesh colored cloak wearin’ ass back into the negaverse! With Miaf out of the way, Leona suggests we head back to report everything to the Fairy Queen. As we exit the Witches’ Hall, Sullivan’s messenger raven Porun comes swooping in with an emergency message from Sullivan.

I still don’t think this thing looks like a raven, but okay.

Porun/Sullivan tells us that there is a crisis in Undetta, the land of the 3 Holy Beasts. These holy beasts form the foundation that supports the land of Wozz and Balam has launched an attack on all three castles in Undetta in an attempt to cause the world to crumble into the ocean. It looks like we’re getting closer to our final face off! Porun also informs us that normally the strongholds are closed to strangers, but since we have this letter from Sullivan, the guards should let us in. Porun leaves us with instructions to head south of Mount Shin to find the passage into Undetta. Off we go!

Oh look, a kitty cat! Time to take this sweet one back to Eoria and see what kind of treasure she gives us.

Before heading out to Undetta, I decided to go back to Minocress to check on the villagers. Everyone is very thankful and to show that, all the buildings are now open! The weapon and item shops have some great deals, so we set everyone up with new armor and weapons, as well as refill all the items that we used during the last few dungeons. Exploring one of the houses leads to a secret path to a small field (seen above) where we finally find one of Eoria’s cats. Only 6 more to go! The rescued townsfolk also inform us that Master Chakkan, the Blaze Magic Fairy, is hiding in the path to Undetta, so we should definitely stop by to see if he’ll grant Chun some new magic. Since we have loads of cash now, I bought mass supplies for Leona’s workshop and was finally able to craft Elemoth, the mammoth tank! This will allow us to break through the wall surrounding the Ice Shrine and see if Iceyes will grant Chun some ice magic as well. Everything is coming together for our team to finally confront Balam! Also, since I’ve been having some issues keeping up with healing, I decided to swap Eliza out with Madisto. He comes with all 4 levels of single target and multi-target healing spells, so hopefully this will help in the coming journey to Undetta.

I’ll end this bit here and next time, we trek onward to save the 3 holy beasts! Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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