The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 6 – Zombies Ate My Neighborhood

Hey friends! Welcome back to THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ! Last time on our adventure, we discovered Witch Miaf was tormenting the snowy city of Minocress and kidnapped all of the townsfolk. After infiltrating the Witches’ Hall, we vanquished Miaf and learned that Balam is trying to sink Wozz into the ocean by attacking the three sacred beasts that form the supports for the world. Let’s boogie into Undetta and save these magical beasts!

After our little R&R in Minocress, it’s time for us to do some backtracking! Our first stop is the Wind Shrine back in Fairy Forest. Our heroes use the TELEPA to warp back to Northan in the Magiclat continent and head into the Fairy Forest. We meet up with Eoria again and hand over the kitten we found. She’s so thankful for this that she unlocks one of the seven treasure chests in her shrine, granting us the Eoria Rod, a weapon for Madisto. With that out of the way, our next stop is the Fairy Castle! When we arrive at the fairy castle, the heroes tell the Queen that we’ve cleansed Miaf (I thought we killed her, but I guess not). The Queen reminds us that our mission now lies in Undetta and the only path is through a small cave far south of Mount Shin. She wants to make sure we are prepared for the dangerous journey ahead, so she teaches Shot the master archery skill DblShot. Yay! He finally learns a new skill! Our final stop in the backtrack is the Ice Shrine, located east of Minocress. We hop back in the TELEPA and make our way to the shrine, where Leona is quite excited that we can finally use the ELEMOTH tank to bust through the wall. We bust through the wall, but once we are through we see that both Chun and Madisto are bothered that we just destroyed part of the shrine. Our heroes head inside and meet with Kachuarin, the Ice Fairy. I thought her name was Iceyes? Oh well. Kachuarin introduces herself and commends the heroes for their skill in climbing over the wall, claiming she used all of her power to build that wall. Leona turns red and stumbles to find her words, but Chun shyly interrupts and says that we broke through the wall. The Ice Fairy just continues her spiel, ignoring what the party is saying. As a reward for…climbing the wall, she grants Chun the power of Ice magic. The party quickly makes their exit and once they are gone, Kachuarin follows the out to bid them farewell. This is when she sees the GIANT hole in the wall and loses. her. mind.

Sorry lady! We tried to tell you!

With all the backtracking done, we make our way to the cave system south of Mount Shin and meet with a Demonkin that tells us Undetta is on the other side of the caves. As we head further in, we find a stairyway blocked by a Demonguard, but because we have Sullivan’s Letter, the guard scoots over to let us pass. We find a series of bridges with a sign that says “Not too many people on the bridge at once!’ and head further in to explore. The bridges seem to be sturdy, but suddenly one of them gives underneath us and we plummet into the lava filled caves below. I’ll be totally honest – I got lost in this dungeon for about 45 minutes. Despite the frustration, I came out about 6 levels stronger and 400,000g richer. Can’t complain about that! We find a sign that tells us we’ve fallen into the pits of Mount Goka, so we explore a little bit and find a couple paths that lead further into the dungeon. The southeast path takes us even deeper into the ground, where we eventually stumble upon Chakkan, the Blaze Fairy. Chakkan looks pretty rad, like something I would cosplay. He is amazed that we were able to find him and agrees to grant us the Blaze magic. He quickly identifies Chun as the magic user of the group, telling us that wizards have a certain…scent. Is Chun a stinky boy? There’s not much else to this dungeon really…but the hallways are extremely narrow so it’s hard to see which way to go. I eventually found my way to the exit, where we are intercepted by a winged demon named Zarul, who claims he was sent to kill us. Queue boss fight!

Zarul ain’t nothin, so we sent him packing.

Zarul was a pushover. The guy didn’t have great stats to begin with, but with all the battling I did earlier from getting lost, Chun’s magic grew a LOT. Shot and Leona did their regular attacks while Madisto made sure the party was healthy. Meanwhile, Chun was launching explosions, setting off pillars of fire, and otherwise wrecking the battlefield. He is really coming into his magical power and I like it. After the fight, Shot asserts that Balam and his dark army are definitely in Undetta. Leona agrees and suggests we exit the caves and go look for any nearby towns. We head south through a desert and quickly find what looks like a large palace. Welcome to Zombie Palace! This town is inhabited completely by zombies, but they are sentient and pretty friendly. Our team attempts to stop at the inn, weapon, and item shop, but all three are closed due to continuous monster attacks on the village. Hmm…what’s going on here? We find the palace to the north of the city and quickly learn from the zombie commander that Balam’s army has been attacking the castle every night to try and lure out one of the sacred beasts to kill it. This is causing the zombie army to become exhausted, so they are all worried that they won’t be able to resist the enemies for much longer. The commander urges us to go speak with the elders, so we head upstairs and find the zombie council convening in their conference room.

The elders question who we are, but Sullivan’s letter assures them we are here to help.

The elders are shocked to see humans in their palace, but after showing them Sullivan’s letter they realize we are the heroes they’ve heard of and offer to share their wisdom if we agree to help repel Balam’s army. We make our way around the council table and learn that the three holy beasts are actually the same beasts that Ceramic divined during our mission to get the Fairy Stick: The Great Turtle, The Great Elephant, and the Great Serpent. They also reiterate that if any of the three beasts fall, the continent will sink and throw the balance of Wozz off, eventually leading to its collapse. Finally, the elders inform us that The Great Turtle is actually right underneath this castle, which is why they are being attacked so relentlessly by Balam’s forces. Our heroes agree to help and after speaking with the commander and resting up, we enter a 3-day series of battles against Balam’s minions. On day three once we defeat the lower minions, another winged demon named Shazam shows up and angrily declares he will have to destroy us himself. We enter another very simple boss fight and quickly send Shazam packing. As he poofs away, he yells the name Queen Artemis. Might want to note that for later. The remaining demons flee now that their leader is dead, and our heroes have liberated the Zombie Palace! The Zombie Commander commends our performance and tells us the Elders have a reward for us. He also lets us know that the Great Turtle is pleased. Leona asks where the Great Turtle is, and the Commander tells us that the Turtle has been laughing at us for a while now. With that, a giant turtle head pops up out of the ground!

I was expecting the turtle to be bigger, considering an entire continent is on top of him. But this’ll do. He’s a cutie!

We head inside and report our victory to the Elders. They thank us and grant us access to the vault on the east side of the castle, telling us we are free to use their treasure to further our journey. On our way out, the Elders inform us that the Great Elephant resides in the Ghost Castle to the west, while the Great Serpent resides in Skelfortress to the south. Our team heads back out into the city portion of Zombie Palace and the citizens rejoice in their new freedom and open up all the shops and inn. With a plethora of new weapons, armor, and items in our inventory, the team sets off to go find the next magical beast! I checked the Fairy Map and noticed we were close to the last two Fairies, so we head south into a cave by the Zombie Palace. At the entrance there is a sign that says “Make sure to turn your volume up!“. Crank that sucker up and go check the chest here. Voila! Time for a music quiz! The game plays two sound bites from somewhere in the game and you have to guess correctly where they are from. I got the answers right, which caused the cave to vibrate and reveal a teleportal. Sweet! We step on the portal and get teleported to Railune’s Shrine, the Fairy of Lightning. Railune teaches Chun the power of Lightning and sends us off to defeat Balam.

Railune’s sprite reminds me of Cloud when he cross dresses in Final Fantasy VII. They look almost identical!

There is only one fairy left that we haven’t met and opening the Fairy Map, I noticed they are located at the Zombie Palace. Oh no! I forgot to go loot the vault. The heroes backtrack to the vault and get some stat increasing items, but lo and behold, the final chest contains a staircase. We descent into the Underground Zombie Palace Caverns and start exploring. We find some nice accessories down here and a few monster fights, but no Fairy. Hmmm…I decided to go check upstairs and noticed that the shops inside the castle have changed and a new shop opened on the far left side. The new shop keep happily informs us that her Snocone shop is now open. She starts listing off the menu items: Melon. – 5G, Lemon – 3G, Freeze Magic…Oh! This is Iceyes, the Freeze fairy. There she is! She recognizes us as the heroes and blesses Chun with the power of Freezing, which concludes our quest for the Fairy Guardians. Hooray! With these few sidequests out of the way, we can continue on our mission to liberate the holy beasts. A quick sidenote – I’ve noticed that we’re pretty far into the game at this point and haven’t really received a vehicle that can traverse different land types, such as a boat or an airship. After one of our most recent battles, Leona learned the recipe for OceanDen, so I checked out the workshop in the Zombie Palace and sure enough, it’s a boat! But I don’t have the required materials to make it so no seafaring just yet.


I think I’ll end this bit here. Next time, we’ll adventure on to save the Great Elephant and Great Serpent! Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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