The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 7 – The Ghost With A Heart Condition

Welcome back to THE MAGICAL LAND OF WOZZ! Last time, our heroes traversed Mount Goka and disrupted Balam’s plot to kill the Great Turtle at Zombie Palace. We also found the last of the Fairy Magic, so Chun is a strong, stinky magic boy now. Let’s boogie on to Ghost Castle and see if we can’t save the Great Elephant from Balam’s army.

Leaving the Zombie Palace, we head west and quickly find ourselves at the next city – Ghost Castle! We activate the TELEPA upon entry and visit the item and weapon shops to upgrade and stock up. The ghost people in this village are SO. FREAKING. CUTE! I can’t decide which I like more – the ghost people or the cow nuns. Anyway, we explore the town a little and find out from the villagers that to the south is a village called Dictator, where many different races of Wozz live together. We also learn that Balam has started attacking this village at night as well, so we are instructed to not be outside upon nightfall. We attempt to go into the palace, but the guard has strict instructions to not let anyone in, since all resources are being used in preparation for the nightly battles against Balam’s demons. Well poop. What do we do now? As we leave the palace entrance, a ghost rushes up to us asking if we have seen his grandson. Apparently, the young ghost boy went to gather an offering for the Great Elephant 3 days ago and hasn’t returned yet. We agree to help find his grandson, although Shot’s shining personality comes through again as he LOUDLY declares how inconvenienced he is. Sigh

The heroes are on another rescue mission!

We follow Ghost Gramps to his house and he tells us that his grandson went to the big Rotten Tree to the southwest of town to obtain a fruit for the Great Elephant. Leona rallies the group and tries to take off, but Ghost Gramps stops us and reiterates that the tree is very rotten and the branches cannot support the weight of all four of our party members. The party is forced to leave someone behind, so they elect Chun, as he apparently can’t handle being in the land of the undead. Too spooks for him. I don’t remember seeing anything about Chun being afraid or unwell in this land, but I guess it makes sense with him being a psychic surrounded by all these dead spirits. Perhaps it’s overwhelming for his psyche? Chun stays behind while Shot, Leona, and Madisto head out to the Rotten Tree to save Grandpa’s boy. In the meantime, Chun and Gramps play the board game Go to pass the time. Here, Chun shows some vulnerability and explains that he feels he is a hinderance to the group and can’t muster the courage to be as strong as the rest of the party. We see time pass and Gramps starts becoming worried, claiming that the journey to the tree should not take this long. They must be in trouble! Gramps also informs Chun that his grandson has a heart condition…what? They’re ghosts.

Gramps tells us that in Wozz, Ghosts are just another type of people and they live and die just like everyone else.

Chun asserts himself and volunteers to go find the group, stating that he is one of the heroes summoned here to defeat Balam, so he must be good for something! Aww…my Magic Boy! Gramps gives Chun some medicine for his grandson before he leaves. Outside Grandpa’s house, Chun gives himself a pep talk and reminds himself that he ‘must find his courage and confidence‘. You’ve got this Chun! With that, Chun sets off by himself to the southwest and quickly finds the Rotten Tree. During Chun’s journey, we fight solo battles. None of them are really noteworthy or difficult, since we’ve got all the Fairy Magic now and Chun’s intelligence stats allow him to pretty much one shot every monster. We arrive at the Rotten Tree and do some light exploring before we see the whole party tumble down the screen. They crash through the ground and create a large hole at the base of the tree. Chun runs down to examine the hole and Shot confirms they fell and the ghost boy is injured. No worries – Chun has his medicine right here! Shot calls out again and bullies Chun, saying he doesn’t have the courage to jump down the hole and calls him a coward, but Chun musters his courage and dives in head first.

Chun bonked Shot right in the head. But look at him. My magic boy looks so sweet!

Bam! Chun collides directly with Shot and knocks him down. Hopefully that’ll teach him not to run his mouth, though getting his lights knocked out by Leona didn’t seem to do much. I really don’t like Shot. Anyway, Chun delivers the medicine to the boy and they all head north into another cave. The path is blocked off, but Chun easily uses his telekinesis to move the ground and create an exit for the party. When we exit the Rotten Tree, the ghost boy thanks us and  hurries back to his home, asking us to drop by when we return to Ghost Castle. We return to Gramps house, but no time for chit chat because Balam’s army has arrived and they’ve poisoned the Great Elephant! The offering that ghost boy was trying to find was a Wozz Fruit, the favorite food of the Great Elephant. Gramps tells us that if we can get the Great Elephant to eat it, we may be able to stop the poison from spreading. Leona shares that she is shocked that Balam is truly trying to take over Wozz, but Shot cuts her short and orders us to make haste towards the palace. Onward!

Yet again, Balam is up to no good.

At the palace gates, we meet a ghost guard who informs us that Balam’s army has broken into the castle and forced the Great Elephant to swallow a controlling pill. We have 15 minutes to give the Great Elephant the antidote or else it will forever be Balam’s puppet. The guard notices we have a Wozz Fruit with us and exclaims that it would be the perfect antidote! He introduces himself a Dolon and volunteers to go with us into the castle. Madisto agrees and waits outside the castle as our heroes and Dolon venture inside. Before going in, Dolon reminds us that we only have 15 minutes to get to the Great Elephant. Then he asks us if we’re sure we’re ready. Then he asks if we need to take a bathroom break. Then he asks if we’ve saved our game. Then he asks us one more time if we’re finally ready. YES DUDE! Just…the Great Elephant is gonna die if you don’t shut up and get inside the castle! The timer starts and our team dashes around the castle to try and figure out where the Great Elephant is. We find demons walking around and if you talk to them, you find out that they are the Four Zarul Generals: Paralyzing Zarul, Poison Zarul, Quiz Zarul, and Thieving Zarul. That Zarul boss from the end of Mount Goka really was just a basic monster, huh? Despite their status effects and the one quiz we have to take, the four generals are easily defeated and we continue our search for the Great Elephant.

We find a scrap of paper at the bottom of a chest, but we’re not sure what the clue means yet…

The party continues their search and eventually finds their way into a basement, where there are 2 switches on the wall and a pot in the corner. That note must have been a combination to reveal the Great Elephant! We press the switches in the order listed and once we check the pot, we are teleported into a new room. Here we find the Great Elephant, but it is being attacked by a ghostly suit of armor. Hudorock, the floating armor, tells us that the Great Elephant will become Balam’s puppet and we won’t be able to stop him. We’ll see about that. Queue boss battle! Hudorock had quite a bit of HP…but I don’t think he attacked us at all. About 3 rounds into the battle, he cast some kind of nullifying spell that stopped all magic, so Chun became pretty useless. I don’t think his telekinesis skill is considered magic though, as I was able to continue using that to deal damage. Hudorock falls and in his last breath he calls out “Long live Queen Artemis!!‘ before poofing out of existence. I’m thinking Queen Artemis might be one of Balam’s generals or something, since this is the second time we’ve had an enemy reference her. We quickly feed the Wozz Fruit to the elephant and just like that, the Great Elephant has been cleansed.

I wonder if Leona is an animal handler in the human world…

Madisto rushes in and finds the party is fine despite his worries. Shot tells him that we made it to the Great Elephant and everything is A-OK. Dolon thanks us and then asks if he can join us on our mission. This attack on his city has got him riled up and he wants to DESTROY BALAM. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea, so they give Dolon a TELEPA Bell and Madisto volunteers to leave the party so he can go work on some experiments. Yay! We got one of the cute ghost people to join us! Now I hope we get a cow nun because that would be everything. The Great Elephant thanks us and offers his treasure as a reward, so we go into the basement and find a recipe for Leona. Unfortunately, Dolon isn’t really a great party member, so he won’t be staying with us for long. Madisto’s healing is just too useful for this stage of the game and Dolon’s only offer to the party is a variety of status effects he can cast through Ghost Magic. Our team heads to the TELEPA so we can swap Madisto back in, and then we rest at the inn before heading on to the final Holy Beast.

I’ll end this bit here. Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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2 thoughts on “The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 7 – The Ghost With A Heart Condition

  1. Carla says:

    One of my fav chapters so far! Do you create the names or are these actually part of the game? Like the “Rotten Tree” or the Cow Nun? Again, I love the subtle humor!


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