The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 10 – A Refreshing Drink Joins The Party!

Hail, Adventurers! Welcome back to The Magical Land of Wozz! So much has happened in these last few chunkers. I think we’re nearing the end of the game, so that’s expected I think. Let’s recap what happened last time! Vangas helped us escape from the caved-in Pirates’ Hideout and took Eliza back to safety to treat her head injury, then he stole a TELEPA Bell and forced his way into our party. We met the flying goldfish people of Elfish, where our party was drugged and held prisoner until Ceramic rescued us. We teleported back in time to face some old foes. Then we discovered Geronimon and defeated him to hopefully save our allies. This Ceramic turned out to be a fake and was actually a doll controlled by Pilder to try and get us killed. We traversed Marion Tower and finally caught up to Pilder, where he used mind control to get our allies to attack us. Magic Boy Chun exploded everyone into the wall and our heroes took out Pilder, releasing everyone from mind control. Then we found the four Oasis villages and discovered that Balam massacred one of them. Finally, we made our way to the Temple of Uztenon and ran into the Big Baddie himself…and then he sent us to hell.

Like I said – so much is happening now. Let’s just boogie into this next bit and see if we can somehow return to the land of the living.

Our heroes have crash-landed in some kind of underground village, apparently now in the Dark Land thanks to Balam. Leona laments that she feels like she has spent a majority of her time in Wozz falling, but gets interrupted by an unknown voice. A pink and blue-haired individual approaches our party and explains that we are in the Dark Land, a place where those who have done evil above find their final rest. What evil did we do? We’re the heroes, dammit! Chun explains just that, so Pinkblu (Dunno their name yet) suggests we go and speak to Lord Pades and receive his judgment. If what we say is true, Lord Pades will send us back to the surface no problem. With that, Pinkblu leaves us to our own devices and we explore the city for clues. At the bar, we find out that there is some kind of special item in the Cave of Ramayana to the south. We’ll probably need to take note of that for later. We also run into none other than Iceyes, the entrepreneur of the fairy world. It turns out that the barmaid outfits in the Dark Land were too much for her to pass up, so she’s spending some time here as a barmaid so she can look fierce. I guess I get it? Before heading to meet with Lord Pades, we also find out from one of the townsfolk that there is an arena outside of this town called “Slaughter Hall”, so we take note of that as well before heading to our next destination.

Fashion is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-GUH. For some people, at least.

We head over to the largest building in the town and quickly encounter Lord Pades. He recognizes us as the heroes that Sullivan summoned and Shot demands that he hurries up and sends us back to the surface. Leona scolds him for not being diplomatic, but this doesn’t seem to affect Pades, as he assures us he plans to send us back. Before he sends us back, however, he asks us to find out how the evil creatures of the Dark Land keep making their way to the surface. He then calls for his daughter, Ramune, but she is nowhere to be found. Pades instructs us to wait around a bit until his daughter shows up, but in true RPG fashion, this is not the solution! We head back to the Slaughter Hall and find out that if we can complete at least 15 of the 25 matches, we will be granted access to the Cave of Ramayana. Our heroes do their thing and slaughter all 25 matches, prompting the arena host to beg us to stop if he grants us the item Lionheart. We agree, receive our loot (a new accessory), and gain access to the Cave of Ramayana. Our party then travels to the cave and quickly loots everything before heading back to Pades. Not much to be found, however we did get a pretty nice bow for Shot. Back in Pades’ house, we finally meet his daughter, Ramune. As a side note, I find this name kind of silly because Ramune is a Japanese drink similar to Sprite or 7-Up. But alas, new party members are fun!

Oh look! It’s Pinkblu.

Shot and Leona aren’t thrilled to be joined by Ramune, but due to the circumstances, everyone agrees to play nice and she joins us as a temporary member. Ramune, much like Eliza, is a hybrid warrior/mage that uses a whip and dragon magic in battle. She’s pretty strong so far, so I’ll keep her around for a bit. Now armed with the knowledge of the Sands Cave exit to the surface, we head there to see if we can’t return to Wozz and go beat up Balam once and for all. When we enter the cave, everything is immediately cloaked in darkness but we hear some shuffling coming from the area in front of us. We then hear a voice and meet Octurer, the mischievous spider that creates the webs for Dark Land denizens to escape back to the surface. Octurer explains that only one person can climb the webs to the surface, and if we try to go with all four, we will die. With that, Octurer claims we must send only the strongest of our group and skitters away. Confused, our party discusses their options for a bit before Leona and Shot resolve themselves to just taking the spider out and relying on Lord Pades to be sent back to the surface.

Me vs. all spiders

Our heroes traverse the dungeon and find some treasure, as well as one of Eoria’s kittens. The dungeon is set up as a large maze, so while it wasn’t very difficult (it’s only two floors), it was annoying to try to find the exit. We make our way up to the second floor and meet with Octurer again. The giant spider tries to sound menacing, but Shot tells it to shut the hell up and Octurer finally figures out that we are the heroes fighting against Balam. With that, we enter another boss battle. This fight was easy, as have been most of the recent fights in this game. After we defeat Octurer, Ramune insists we go back and speak with her father, so we head back to Dark Land. We speak with Lord Pades and he commends us on our victory. As promised, he sends us back to the surface but, before doing so, he asks that we take Ramune with us so she can gain more worldly experience. Despite her disapproval, she begrudgingly joins our band of heroes and becomes the last (?) party member to join up. Hooray! As we leave, Pades suggests that we go to Journey and speak with Sullivan. Back on the surface, we make our way to the closest TELEPA booth and book it back to Journey to meet with Screaming Mimi himself. Elated to see us, he shares that they have finally discovered the hiding location of Balam – the northern continent of Dermon, the land of the demon tribes. Sullivan informs us that a company of volunteers is in the Temple of Uztenon digging a tunnel through the mountains so we can get into Dermon, so that is our next destination.

The end is near! Our victory is finally in sight and we can save Wozz once and for all!

I took some time here to do some exploring, so bear with me as I recap that. First, I made my way out to Madisto’s hut to reconnect with him. He seems to be doing okay but is so entrenched in his experiments that he declines coming with us again. As sort of a peacemaking move, he teaches Leona a recipe and sends us on our way. Since we have, what, 3 cats with us now, it’s time to visit Eoria. We head to the Fairy Forest and drop her cats off, receiving a bunch of wind elemental gear. None of it was better than what I currently have, but no worries – at least we’re checking off the sidequests! We also swing by Traveler’s Inn outside of Elfish to get some items needed for crafting later. With our side adventure done, our heroes head to the Temple of Uztenon to see the progress on the tunnel. We see the entrance of the tunnel, but it is very clearly not finished. Shot talks with some of the volunteers and finds out it will take another 50 years to complete the tunnel! Forgetting that humans have a much lower shelf life than the denizens of Wozz, the volunteers start hustling but it’s not fast enough. Leona deduces she can make a turbo-powered drill tank, so we head back to a workshop and get the Jet Mole vehicle. Now that we have the Jet Mole, our team searches around the temple for a weak spot in the mountain. With Leona’s gadgets and Chun’s magic combined, we blast through the side of the mountain and finally enter Dermon, the land of the demons.

The trio celebrates their victory and shares a wholesome moment in regards to their teamwork.

After we exit the vehicle, we see a sign that says “Kyme directly ahead.” I guess that’s our next destination! Welcome to Kyme Village! The demon citizens of this city are rather welcoming and as we explore, we find out that there is a tower in the northwest of the region called Wofel Tower. They share that you can see all of the land of Wozz from here, but one of Balam’s minions named Edune lives at the base and will not allow anyone inside. We also find out that Balam’s hometown is to the west of Kyme, but no one has seen any of the villagers in some time. Finally, we find another citizen that shares with us that Balam was not always as powerful as he is now, but that he gained that power by using the dimensional tunnel to go to the human world. The demon seems confused though, as Balam lacked the knowledge to understand how to use the tunnel. I wonder who taught him? Before heading to Wofel Tower, we head east and go to Balam’s hometown, which is completely desecrated. There is one citizen in the town who is astonished at the level of destruction he sees. There is not much to do here and most of the books on the bookshelves are written in the Demonic language, however, in one of the houses Leona finds a recipe for an airship. FINALLY! We FINALLY get an airship right before the final dungeon! We also find what I think is a developer gag in one of the homes. There is a chest that contains an instruction booklet for Wozz, and the party chimes in saying you should always read the manual before you start, when you get stuck, and keep it somewhere safe when you’re not using it. How silly!

I wonder if this sick person will be useful later on?

Now that we have an airship, it’s time to do some sidequests! There is a snowy island in the northwest corner of the map, so we head there and meet a sick girl who asks us for potions. We give her a potion 5 times, and when we come back, a kitten appears! We take the kitten to Eoria and then head back to the sick girl, where we are quickly attacked by monsters. We defeat them easily and the sick girls asks us if we can do another favor – deliver a letter to the Elder in Elfish. With letter in hand, we go visit the Elder. He thanks us for the letter, but we never get to see the contents. We go back one more time and POOF! – the sick girl suddenly turns into a fish person. This is actually one of the great wizards of Wozz, and due to our willingness to assist someone in need, he teaches Chun the ultimate magic of Whiten.

The fish wizard has been watching us and agrees that Sullivan picked a good group of kids to bring Wozz to salvation. Yay us!

On that note, we end this segment and next time – the grand finale! Oh, this has been a really fun journey and I’m kind of sad to see it end. On the other hand, I’m thankful it is over because it means we get to start a new game! Thanks for reading. See you next time for the grand finale!

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