The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 9 -She’ssh Gunna Be A Queeeeeeeeen!

Hello friends! Welcome back to The Magical Land of Wozz! A lot happened in our last adventure, so let’s recap! We stopped the attack on the Great Serpent and finally put an end to Balam’s plot against the holy beasts. We also discovered Queen Artemis’ tower and taught her not to mess with the heroes from the human world! After our victory, our heroes learned that their next objective is to explore the continent of Illuse to the west. We set off to Dictator to obtain a ship, but find out that pirates are causing a ruckus and we can’t set sail until we obtain a Shono Stone. Plot, explore, and more plot – we meet the pirate leader Vangas and get attacked by another one of Balam’s henchmen. With Eliza now out of commission due to the cave-in at the Pirate’s Hideout, we are tasked with finding an escape route to go get help. Let’s boogie into this next bit!

Our team heads into the escape hatch and we get some dialogue from Vangas explaining that he is sorry he mistook us for Balam’s minions and that he actually formed a resistance group to take down Balam once and for all. Vangas had good intentions, but due to the turmoil in the world of Wozz, he is having trouble keeping morale high in his brigade and they’ve been mistakenly labeled as pirates due to their desperation to keep food on the table. We traverse the escape route and eventually find the exit. There, Vangas instructs his pirates to take Eliza back home as we head out into the desert. He pledges himself to our cause and reveals that he pickpocketed a TELEPA Bell from us, so we now have Vangas as a permanent party member. Upon exiting the cave system, we find a small inn and rest. The Cow Nuns here tell us to the north is Elfish, the town of flying goldfish. We also learn that Elfish is the home of Mills, a self-proclaimed hero. Time to go check out the fish village and meet Mills!

Must be a confident fish if he labels himself a hero.

Our heroes arrive in Elfish and after some exploring and restocking, we run across the Elder fish, who recognizes us as the heroes that Master Sullivan summoned. He insists that it must be fate that brought us here, so he invites us to have dinner at his home. Our party agrees to the feast and heads inside to find a lavish display of food and drink, as well as some fish bellydancers? Yep, definitely exotic fish dancers in this house. As the four heroes eat their dinner, Shot shares that the meal is so extravagant he feels as though they should be meeting a princess or something. Leona starts acting strangely belligerent and slurring her words, causing Shot to question what kind of drinks she is having. She challenges Shot to a fight, but Chun interrupts them and begins laughing out loud before passing out behind the table. Vangas discovers that their drinks have been laced with a sleeping herb and before they all pass out, Leona rambles on about how she’s going to live the life she wants and do whatever she pleases. Boom – party is out cold.

Me too girl…me too.

We get some mysterious black screen dialogue before the party wakes up in a prison cell. As they try to figure out how to escape, Shot calls Leona his queen, but she has no memories of her tirade the night before. Chun discovers that the door is locked and they are stuck here, but luckily Ceramic comes to the rescue and frees the party. She tells them that the town is not safe and they must hurry out, so the whole group runs outside. If you try to talk to any of the fish people at this point, they are all suddenly mute and refuse to speak to the party. Outside Elfish, Ceramic explains that we’ve fallen into one of Pilder’s traps and the rest of the party members have also been kidnapped and taken to a cave in the north. I wonder why Ceramic isn’t affected by whatever is going on? She runs off ahead of the party to the northern cave, so we follow and meet her at the entrance. As soon as we enter the cave, Ceramic is nowhere to be seen and we are left to our own devices to figure out what is going on. We quickly notice some familiar statues and upon inspecting them, we are warped into some kind of alternate dimension where we face off against the major enemies we’ve already defeated: Zanzori, Darak, Fumma, Miaf, and Queen Artemis. The fights are easy enough and once we finish them, we are teleported back into the cave. What the hell is going on?

Who could that be?

The heroes find themselves in front of a mysterious door and before they enter, a voice echoes through the cave behind them telling them they’ll never be able to defeat the monster inside in their current condition. Welcome Mills, the heroic goldfish bard! Mills swims up to the party and asserts that with him at our side, even Balam doesn’t stand a chance! Personally, I think we’re a little too trustworthy given the situation, but we need all the help we can give so Leona hands Mills a TELEPA Bell and we receive a new permanent party member! Mills is actually pretty useful in battle, despite only having 4 skills. He uses a Lute and his basic attack is a flurry of music notes, but his Waza deals massive damage to single targets, so I’m glad he’s tagging along. We head into the room and awaiting us is Geronimon, a kind of automaton working for Pilder. Geronimon explains that our other three party members have already lost their lives, but we have the chance to save Ceramic. It challenges us to a fight and after a quick battle, we emerge victorious. The party heads over to Ceramic but swiftly realizes that something is wrong. Leona screams as Ceramic’s head rolls off her body. What in the hell is happening? Chun realizes that this body is just a dummy and the team discovers a note on the body. Pilder has left us a message saying he is impressed with our tenacity and that he has our friends captive in the Marion Tower to the west. With Pilder’s challenge looming in front of us, we gather ourselves, and our boat, and head west to Marion Tower.

If you’re not a fan of creepy dolls, this next dungeon is not for you!

This dungeon has a lot of headstones sticking out of the ground that show notes from Pilder, taunting our party and ensuring we will meet our doom here. The dungeon isn’t too hard to navigate. However, there are creepy little dolls that follow you around and after you reach a certain point in their room, they turn and attack you. We don’t find much in this dungeon except for a recipe for Leona for Rhythm, a lute for Mills to use in battle. As we navigate further, we learn that Shot is totally creeped out by this place (probably the dolls) and Chun tells him to cut it out. We eventually find ourselves at the top of the tower and head into the final room to face PIlder. When we enter the room, Pilder screams and exclaims that we weren’t supposed to make it this far. We see the rest of our party members unconscious and lying against the back wall. Pilder assures us that he’s not strong enough to face us, so he agrees to let our friends go. Leona goes to gather our companions, but we quickly find out this is another of Pilder’s traps because all of our friends start attacking Leona and draw their weapons on the main party. Pilder admits that our friends are currently under his mind control and he thinks he’s got us…but we have Magic Boy Chun! Knowing that we can’t fight our allies, Shot yells to Chun to use his powers and do something, so Chun focuses his energy and blasts all of them into the back wall. This knocks them out, leaving Pilder to fight us on his own. Another boss fight beings, but we take him down with ease, as our party is quite strong at this point and he barely did anything noteworthy. Now that Pilder is gone, the mind control releases our allies but they are still injured from Chun exploding them into the wall. Oops.

Now that Pilder’s mind control has worn off, we need to get our allies back to their normal selves.

The heroes transport our unconscious allies to Elfish, where the Elder Fish apologizes for their actions under Pilder’s control and assures us that they will take good care of our friends. At this point, I wasn’t really sure where to go or what to do, so I just kind of walked around town a bit. Once you leave the inn and reenter, your other teammates are miraculously better and can be called upon through the TELEPA. We visited the Elder’s house one more time, where he assures us that the city of Elfish will do everything that can to support us and Mills in our fight to defeat Balam. With that, we head out to explore and hopefully find our next location. To the north of Elfish is a large desert with multiple Oasis spots shown on the map. I entered two of the 4 to find nothing but empty crates and barrels. Oh, and one of Eoria’s cats! Now we’re up to three cats rescued out of seven total! On to the next Oasis spot, we happen upon Paraj Village. The villagers here kind of look like walking potatoes, but we find out through talking with the elder that they are in fact sentient prairie dogs. Neat! The Elder teaches Leona how to make a drink that will restore all missing MP, but first we have to swear that no matter what, we will destroy Balam. What a weird oath to take for learning a potion recipe. We agree to his conditions (it’s already on our agenda anyway) and learn the recipe. The elder then shares with us that Balam is located in the Temple of Uztenon to the north before sending us on our way. As we leave Paraj Village, Leona notices the landscape is shifting and after a brilliant light glows across the screen, all of the villagers are now gone. Not sure of what happened, we look for clues and on the south side of the town we find two letters laying on the ground. The first letter explains that Balam attacked the town, killing everyone – men, women, and children, and the writer begs us to slay Balam and avenge their tribe. The second letter expresses regret from one of the villagers, sharing that he wishes he could have seen his family one more time. How sad! 😦

Like I said…it’s already on our to-do list. Item #1. I think we’re good to follow through.

Now that our hearts have been ripped out, we head to the last of the four Oasis spots and discover Bikke Village. We find out that these villagers survived because they hid in the shadows of the trees when Balam came to town. It seems that this village hasn’t made contact with Paraj in some time, as they all express their wishes hoping that the northern village is okay. With all four of the Oasis spots explored, our next mission is to head north and find Balam in the Temple of Uztenon. As we head inside, we immediately notice a large demonic statue along the back wall. Upon inspection, the music shifts suddenly and we hear a voice from behind us. With a large shadow engulfing our party, Balam finally makes his first appearance.

Eek! It’s him! We finally get a glimpse of Big Bad Balam!

Our heroes shout that we’ve finally got him, but our plans quickly turn against us as the ground opens up and swallows our heroes. Eliza was far enough away from the opening that she does not follow, so one can assume that she’ll make it back to let everyone know what happened. Balam’s voice echoes through the halls as he explains that he has sent us to the Dark Land, a place from whence no one may return. We catch a glimpse of our party falling through darkness before BAM! – they land in the Dark Land.

How’s that for a post ending? What’s going to happen to our group now that they’re in, well, Hell? Also, did Eliza get out okay or did Balam just eat her? Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. See ya next time!

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