[Review] Suicide Squad (2016)

Written and directed by David Ayer.

I am not a superhero movie fan. I’ve seen a couple of them (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America:Winter Soldier, X-men). I saw the previews for Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn’s character, along with the cool action scenes, is what sold me. I told myself “I have got to see this movie”. My plan was to see it at the midnight viewing, but after talking to my mom and convincing her that it wasn’t a movie about suicide, she said she wanted to see it as well. I put it off for the weekend because I was going to go see her, however the weekend got too busy and we ended up not being able to see it. After I got home on Sunday, I was like “I am going to see this damn movie!”, so I ran out to the theater and got into line to purchase my ticket. Sure enough, with my luck, the person in front of me bought the last ticket and the showing that I arrived for became sold out.
I ended up seeing Nerve instead (more on that later…), but during Nerve I went and bought tickets for the next showing of Suicide Squad on my iPhone. After Nerve, I had about 3 minutes to bust ass to the restroom, pick up my ticket from the automated machine outside, and find my seat in the Suicide Squad theater. Good times…Good times.

Let’s get into what I thought of the movie.

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